How to control your emotions as an EntrepreneurByOnHelm Sep 05, 2016 Mindset

Being a startup founder is not only about putting just your ‘brains’, but also putting your ‘heart’ into things. Sometimes, when you realize that those things which you were building with so much love, and passion are on the verge of getting scrambled down, your entire world seems to be falling apart. And in that instance, one thing that obviously happens is – losing control over yourself. Yelling on your team, speaking offensively in public, putting rude statements in media, sitting with head down for a drop in sales target – trust me, all this would never going to help you in the long run.

So, how anyone would recognize whether he or she is an emotionally strong entrepreneur? Here are 10 pointers emotionally strong entrepreneurs do:

  1. never feel sorry for themselves
  2. don’t do things they don’t want to do
  3. don’t fear change
  4. don’t hold grudges
  5. don’t feel the world “owes them a living”
  6. always give back
  7. decide to be happy
  8. don’t squander mental energy on what they can’t control
  9. always believe in themselves
  10. aren’t scared of taking risks

Life is and will always be a roller-coaster ride and a bit more exciting and thrilling if you are a startup founder. Remember, it’s you who have chosen this life for yourself. Being emotionally stronger will only add on to your skills and pull you a step forward.